A downloadable game for Windows

Play as a skilled Huntress as she shoots, slashes, and dashes her way through an underground cavern with a mysterious secret... the rules of reality don't apply here. Armed with the ability to warp spacetime with the click of a button, harness the power of the borderlines to tactically wipe out enemies and solve maze-like puzzles. Explore the cursed crystal catacombs of a lost civilization and discover the hidden secrets of the Lost Borderline...

Install instructions

When downloading Lost Borderline:  

 - Unzip the file

- You will see two items within the unzipped file

- One file is the Data folder

- One file is the executable

- You can save the Lost Borderline Folder anywhere on your computer, but make sure  to keep these two items in the folder!

- Double click LostBorderline.exe file to start up the game

- Enjoy!


Lost Borderline.zip 61 MB

Development log


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Round two! I was really impressed by the ending! Most of my feedback still stands from the last episode with a bit more at the end of the video. But overall this is pretty fantastic! Great job!

There's a lot of really cool stuff going on here! The art is gorgeous, the music is awesome (even if the volume is a little weird sometimes) and the puzzles are tricky. I haven't yet gotten my head around the wall portal mechanic and often overlook it when trying to solve anything which makes it a really interesting piece every time. I do see some flaws in it though. The combat is a little underwhelming on both m/kb and gamepad, the player collision/hitbox seems a little big making the character get caught on walls pretty often , and there seemed to be some inconsistencies with the games rules from room to room. I go into more detail in the video, I hope you don't find my criticisms to be too much and hopefully a bit useful as well. Great work so far!